Updates on Scheduled Tribe Status – till June 2013


Basically ZERO! No concrete progresses; only promises and attempts. Below are some initiatives:

  • An almost-rally: Towards the end of 2012, our YTWC leaders started to mobilize a rally to demand restoration of Scheduled Tribe status. Meetings were held in Shidi and other villages. Some funds were collected. Our leaders visited some key leaders in Changlang District. Appointments to visit ministers in Itanagar began planning. The whole movement was gearing toward a highly organized rally in December 2012 and I was hoping to join that. But all of sudden that dropped dead. No more talk. I really wished that was organized.
  • CM visit: Nabam Tuki, the Chief Minister, four State Cabinet Ministers and APCC Mukut Mithi, visited Vijoynagar on 22-23 Dec 2012. He has promised to “discuss the issue with all stakeholders and pursue it with the Government of India”.
  • Recommendation to Central Government: Around Dec 2012, our leaders told me that the Legislative Assembly representatives from Changlang, Tirap and Longding Districts forwarded a list of five tribes to be included in the Scheduled Tribe – Tangsa, Wancho, Tutsa, Nocte and Yobin. Ours was in the 5th number. But the TOI reports (on 3 June 2013) that instead of Yobin, Ollo tribe was included. There was clear deception by the Legislative leaders.
  • MoU to Union Tribal Affairs Minister: Sometime in January/February this year, a MoU from our leaders through a friend was submitted to the Minister, V Kishore Chandra S Deo. No news of that so far. We hope that will turn out to be good.
  • JHPC visit to Vijoynagar: Though the visit of this Joint High Power Committee (JHPC) was for Permanent Residential Certificate (PRC), under the leadership of the MP, Sanjoy Takam, this was good opportunity for us to present our grievances again. Our AYSU leaders could submit a MoU to the AAPSU President, Kamta Lapung. The AAPSU invited the AYSU to visit Itanagar, which our boys will be doing soon. The JHPC visited Vijoynagar on March 4, 2013.


Its not enough to wait and see what happens. We all know our applications do not move by itself in government or any office. We must be behind. Suggested actions:

  • Send our delegations to the Chief Minister and then to the Prime Minister.
  • Constitute a core team to investigate every step of our case. We must know where they are and why they there.
  • Do not simply support, rather vote, for MLA who does not take up our case.
  • Rally must be organized and close down every government office in Vijoynagar. Anyway they are no use to use – useless Circle Office, useless schools, useless Fair Price Shops. What’s more!

1 thought on “Updates on Scheduled Tribe Status – till June 2013

  1. Thanks to Sir Liahey for your tireless contribution in this information hub. It is wise to gather information first before commencing the main decision. Every organization or office in this world requires data and information for the free flow of work. It helps in achieving effectiveness and efficiency. Not only our youths but all the brothers of APST tribes can access to this 24X7.

    Regarding the govt’s reluctance to include our membership in the APST list, I think we now need to identify the reason why we failed to retain our rights ST. More than 30 years passed asking and asking but no result. Is it because till now we used one way information system without having any information exchange from the govt? Who knows govt still thinks that we don’t deserve our it.

    Through the interaction of some highly learned people of our state, I observed some points.

    Govt hesitates to restore our rights based on the following allegations:
    a) lisus live in China too. And lisu came from China which is absolutely wrong.
    b) all yobins/ lisus are christians which is counted as western culture.
    c) there might happen an influx of people from neighboring countries into india if we are given our rights back.
    d) yobins live inside the area internationally zoned for wild life(Namdapha).
    e) yobins migrated to india.
    f) some say that our leaders are not ready to solve our problems to which I totally disagree. Some try to solve the problem for the time being but some wanted to wipe it from the root systematically. This might make the difference. They also say that there is no unity among yobin leaders. What do you say friends? I don’t agree it too. Because it looks like that but in depth, we see the unity in diversity of approaches. We fight for the same goal from different levels and sides. We are the soldiers fighting from different angle having the same target.
    They have all lame points. None of them serves them.

    It could be anything that they assume under suspicion. If the deprivation of our right was legal, govt must have valid reasons. If we, as a constitutional victim, ask the govt for the reason why we have been thrown away, govt must answer us. Even any criminal has his right to know the reason why he is accused. We are by no means criminals.

    We know that the president of the country can exclude the ST tribe from the list under some circumstances without giving any notification but when they ask the for the reason for so many years, govt should give the reason.

    I agree Sir Liahey with his course of action suggestions. For the smooth function of them, now
    I personally think that the reason for snatching our right is required to be made known to us. Thus we can more easily work on that.

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