Lisu in APP

(Thanks to Barak for providing information and photographs).

For the first time in our history, four young people were inducted into the Arunachal Pradesh Police (APP) last year.  Bible would describe these pioneers as “first fruits”. There should be many more who will join at the later stage.

We are very glad for Esla, Ati Yosafa, Akhi Jonisi and Naliyo for leading exemplary pioneering.

Last one year they have been undergoing their training. Finally, they are trained and have  recently joined their duties in different police stations in Arunachal Pradesh.

Below are photos of the new APPs.

Esla and Naliyo (officially, Sawina).

Esla and Naliyo (officially, Sawina) (Photo: Barak).

Akhijoni & Ati

Akhijoni & Ati Yosafa (Photo: Barak)


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