BBC reports on Lisu problems at Nibodi

On 7 May 2013, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported the problems Lisu face due to the eviction attempts and road communications. Listen to the audio from 27 minutes onward. David Yobin of Nibodi village served as guide cum porter for the BBC correspondent, Gayathri Sreedharan. She had good coverage on our problems.

I am especially touched, when David’s wife cried because of the difficulties she had when she went to the bank at Miao.

See the photos from the BBC Facebook.

Mapha David (Photo: BBC ).

Most probably the author of the article “The Journey is the Destination”, Sharbendu De, was also with Gayathri. They went to the same village, Nibodi, and David served as porter and guide for Sharbendu as well.

Liaso (Photo: Indian Express).

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