Theory of Nepali Settlers on Vijoynagar

Since November 2010, I have been watching carefully what Nepali settlers have to say about Vijoynagar. I counted 3 letters from Nepali gentlemen at AP Times Readers’ Forum, by Advocate Gyan Singh Gahire, Bhumi Upadhyaya and Bikram Newar (12 Nov 2010, 23 Nov 2010, 7 March 2013).

Their basic thesis: Lisu/Yobin people did not live in Vijoynagar circle when they first settled in 1964. Their reasons include a journal of GDL Miller who mentioned no habitations there, a claim that Rtd Major General Ajit Singh Guraya discovered Vijoynagar, they cleared virgin forest. (For anyone who is interested to read in depth, I have provided links above).

Very interesting they don’t mention anything about what the army did to the Yobin/Lisu. Those jawans used guns to drive our forefathers out to make way for those settlers.

Our Lisu brothers responded – not to them – but to share with other tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, because they are intentionally trying to fool around. Mapha Philip responded with solid facts on 16 Nov 2010. Interestingly, after that the AP Times stopped publishing in the forum for which Philip complained to no avail. But there was a way, Philip and Phuyosa went on to publish with the Assam Sentinel on the 7 Dec and 8 Dec 2010. Another good response was by R. Yobin who stated that our history does not begin nor end with 1961.

I realised we should take those Nepali friends as jokers, trying to entertain or rather trying to mess around. This is just a sample. Sometime ago I talked with some of our public leaders. It was surprising how much Nepali settlers have been writing letters of complain to various government officials! I reasoned then, if we were to look for the complaint letters against us, how many we might find. Perhaps, one day we should file an RTI!

In the meantime, someone mentioned the actual name of Vijoynagar is Nongkhung! And there was even a name called Khamong.

Let thousands shout thousand voices, but we have single statement – Dawodi is the original name of Vijoynagar and no one else but Yobin/Lisu live there.

1 thought on “Theory of Nepali Settlers on Vijoynagar

  1. Hi there!
    Yobins have their own perspective and history and Gorkha settled there have their own perspective and history. It’s the fault of the govt who discovered vijaynagar and settled ex servicemen there, you cannot point out certain community or people and make joke of them. Be mature and responsible.

    I have some questions if you answer them then it will be very Glad.

    1. When expedition took place, only Army personnel were there or any other officials were also present with the expedition team?

    2. If Yobins were aboriginal of Vijaynagar then exactly from when Yobins are living there? Is there any record or proof of inhabiting Vijaynagar? Since, a stupa was discovered in vijaynagar and its a symbol of Buddhist culture and as far as I know Lisu/Yobins are or were not Buddhist.

    Thank you.

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