Famous Mountaineer in Vijoynagar

Harish and Lisu Support Team.

Harish and Lisu Support Team (Photo: Lakshmi R, January 2013).

Harish Kapadia - Chaukan Pass

Harish with his team at the Chaukan Pass border stone (Photo: Dr. Nanak Bhagat, January 2013).

In the last weeks of January 2013, when brother Osini accompanied a four member arrived Miao, little did anyone knew who they were. I didn’t either. I just heard they have come.

Only on returning in Bangalore, I got in touch with one of the team members. I browsed their names. One of them stood distinctively – Mr. Harish Kapadia.

The team was in tour from 7 January to 3 February 2013.

We are very fortunate to have such reputed people visiting our land. Here are some of his profiles I read:

  • Patron’s Medal of the Royal Geographic Society, UK.
  • Life Time Achievement Award for Adventure by the President of India.
  • King Albert Mountain Award presented by The King Albert I Memorial Foundation.
  • Author of multiple books and articles.
  • Mountaineer for 40 years.
  • Had climbed 33 highest peaks.

They passed through the MV Road and reached Chaukan Pass.

Most probably, he’ll be publishing a book from this trip very soon. Looking forward to read more from his writings.

Further information about this great man: wikipediapersonal website, and The Himalayan Club (vol 26, February 2013).

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