New AYSU Leaders Elected

Photos by Barak & Liahey

Newly Elected Leaders of AYSU.

Newly Elected Leaders of AYSU, Miao.

The new leadership of All Yobin Student Union (AYSU) was formed at Miao on January 7, 2013. About 150 students from class eight and above gathered at Community Church Miao to elect their leaders, plan future strategies and mobilize student body.

Akhi Jotisay is the new President of AYSU and Aphi Bayodwe is the General Secretary. Additional 20 office bearers were also appointed to various posts for the effective functioning of the union.

AYSU Welcome Banner Prior to Election Day.

AYSU Welcome Banner Prior to Election Day.

There was great energy and renewed interest for the welfare of Yobin student. Great talks and plans were discussed. More of discussion will be held in April this year. They also had much celebrations too – went for a whole day picnic-cum-business meet on January 8, along the Noa Dihing bank.

The leadership also facilitated outstanding students last year. Also acknowledged the untiring effort of the YTWC President, Mr Phusa, for the development of the Yobin community. He gave good encouragement to all students and parents president at the facilitation meeting.

AYSU Banner at Shidi.

AYSU Banner at Shidi.

Students at Shidi

Students at Shidi

Simultaneously, student mobilization happened at Shidi on January 5, 2013. About 120 students gathered there too. The AYSU decided to form executing units in each of the Yobin villages.

We wish AYSU all the best and success.

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