Miao-Vijoynagar Road: News Report

For the first time ever, the news on Miao-Vijoynagar Road (MV Road) was covered by the Frontier News (Published on Youtube, 21 February 2013). Good details were highlighted:

  • The vivid picture of the condition of this road (muddy areas, huge truck getting stuck and travelers pull/push).
  • General problem of the public: scarcity of essential commodities, lack of medical facilities, non attendance of school teachers, struggles of police in emergency cases.
  • Little bit about Nepali settlers living there. They have promised much by government, but nothing good was done for them.
  • ST issues Lisu/Yobin face (projected as muddled with the Chakma problem of 1980s

Though, there is no information given about the reporter, but I greatly appreciate the effort he/ she has done to highlight our issues. All the best to this reporter!

Watch this news on Youtube:

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