Miao – Vijoynagar Road: Sign of completion

Lasted updated: 22 February 2013

For the last three years, there were “patch” works on Miao-Vijoynagar Road (MV Road). There were small release of funds, constructors just push around mud and manage to pass the trucks and bulldozers. No drainages, bridges were constructed. The road is useful only in winter.


Now there are good indications that there is definite plan to complete this road:

  • PMGSY sanction huge amount, Rs 268 crore on 22 January 2013.
  • Jairam Ramesh, Union Rural Minister, laid foundation stone on 19 February. He promised the road will be completed in three years.
  • Clear plans to build 25 bridges and 600 culverts.
  • The road is centrally sponsored project and hence “middle men” cannot meddle around.


  • This is the longest road ever granted under PMGSY.
  • About 100 km (under Namdapha) will be gravel road and only 57 km piece road.
  • First time ever, MV Road is in national dailies.

OFF SIDE: Few negative points or uncertainties I see

  • About 70% of the road are not tar road. Speed vehicle ride will be a drawback. The Central Government listened to Namdapha Wildlife Authorities. Of course, we did not even present our case.
  • There is no information about the execution body. Is it PWD or someone else?
  • Be prepared to see unwanted: there are many roads half constructed roads under PMGSY on Miao – Jagun Road. Someone told me there is even a road between Kharsang and Jairampur on MAP, not on GROUND.
  • AP Times reported a concern of Jairam Ramesh for the many uncompleted projects under PMGSY.


Ramesh to join Statehood Day celebrations (18 February 2013, AP Times

Centre approves two vital roads for Arunachal (22 January 2013, Times of India).

PMGSY roads to link Lada, Vijayanagar with rest of Arunachal (21 January 2013, AP Times).

China ‘push’ gets Arunachal Pradesh roads (by Rahul Karmakar, 21 February 2013, Hindustan Times).

Miao-Vijaynagar road foundation laid (by Pranjal Baruah, 21 February 2013, Times of India).

(Side note: all news writers misspell Vijoynagar as Vijaynagar)

1 thought on “Miao – Vijoynagar Road: Sign of completion

  1. Firstly of my Salute to the Lisu-Yobin ,brave family caretakers , brother and Sisters of L-Y community. After going through the articles in your blog ,it really touchdown my heart. This is due to your efforts only the development in your place is being surpassed time to time ,other wise it will be only in papers .I do really feel and pour my full sympathy and support for overall development but ,I too being a common man can’t do anything than rather extending my support and sympathy with you people.But in future if you need any advisory support then please do let me know. “Stop not till your goal is reached” ;by Swami Vivekananda.

    you ma reach me

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