PRC Issue Again

Last updated: 19 February 2013

Some background

  • AP Times reported that Nabam Tuki (CM) distributed the PRCs to few elder people (Dec 24, 2012, Entitled AP Times). I asked the CO Office Vijoynagar about that. It happened to be Residential Certificate (RC). Is it faulty of reporters or deliberate play?
  • For those of us who would like to read what happen in 2010, the link provides a summary – PRC Drama of 2010.

Issue at Hand

Stupid as it might sound, the Permanent Residential Certificate (PRC) issue is played again. This news is reported in all the Arunachal dailies on 16 and 17 February 2013, notable among them are Arunachal Times and The Assam Sentinel.

The Joint High Power Committee (JHPC) on PRC issue leads, among them is our own MLA, Kamlung Mosang. The report does not mention Yobin/Lisu specifically, but it is implied.

Very disturbing observation: They have decided to spot visit Vijoynagar first. They think we can be easily pushed around as they like.

Our Responses

  • Phuyosa responded in AP Times Readers’ Forum “Betrayal After Betrayal” (February 18, 2013).
  • Others have written too but has not appeared in the forum.
  • As classic, our leaders remained completely silent.

In addition, the Eastern Sentinel (March 4, 2013) greatly criticized for clubbing us in PRC issue (see Unhealthy Politics).

Call for Actions

  • All our organizations – AYSU, YTWC, Panchayats and even Church leaders – should send memorandum to the JHPC. We must raise objections to such nonsense. We demand for ST, not PRC.
  • Do not let those useless committee step into our home area for PRC purposes.
  • Take this opportunity to push more for ST demands.
  • Challenge our community leaders for traditional style of remaining stoic silence over burning issues.
  • Challenge our MLA for his dictatorial style of leading our people.

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