Cities where Yobin people go for higher education

Data collected by: Barak, 18 August 2012

This year we have 10 girls and 15 boys pursuing their bachelor and higher degrees in secular studies. In addition, there are others studying through distance education.

The highest number of our people studying is in Meghalaya; 16 of them! State of Meghalaya continues to provide educational heritage for our tribe now as in the past. God bless them.

  • Nonpoh – 8 students
  • Shillong – 8 students
  • Bangalore – 3 students
  • Itanagar – 3 students
  • Margherita – 2 students
  • Dibrugarh – 1 student

I also realized none of us have studied in Tinsukia for college education. That city is larger and it should be better to study than Dibrugarh, Margherita, Nongpoh, even Shillong! Of course Shillong has the advantage of better weather and presence of Christians.

We should also be sending more students to Itanagar, the state capital and building relationships with friends who will have common interest for the state for  longer time.

2 thoughts on “Cities where Yobin people go for higher education

  1. Thank God our students are increasing in number each year. Lets pray we will increase our knowledge and love for each other to share intellectual dividends for social welfare.

  2. Our God is really good to us. Although our source of income is mainly dependent on our own production to support one’s child but comparatively increase our students since 2000 onward.We should be very thankful to our mighty God.

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