Education Centres In Yobin Villages

Last updated: July 20, 2012

I thank brother Jesasay and Ngwalidwe for providing data for this article.

At this time, many educational initiatives have been made available to our people by the state government. I like to group those under three categories.


Beginning 2007, the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) provided several angawadi centres for pre-school children in our villages. These centres are equivalent to Day Care centres in urban areas. There are now seven such centres.

  • Dawodi (one centre)
  • Hazolo (one centre)
  • Sichoto (once centre)
  • Shidiku (one centre)
  • Shidi (three centres)

I noticed the impact of these institutions in my last visit home. My four year old niece had been in angawadi (she calls “A-GA-WA-DI” in typical Lisu accent) for over a year. Now she has learned as much as 100 English vocabularies and almost an equal number of words in Hindi! This year when she joined class I, those initial learning provided an easy transition to her next level of education.


Seven schools are providing primary education.  Only 2 and 3 offer upto class four. The rest has only upto class two or even below.

1 Katha Lisu School 245*
2 Govt Primary School Hazolo 34 1
3 Govt Primary School Sidiqui 31 1
4 EGS Miphote 30 1
5 NC Public School Dawodi 25*
6 EGS Dawodi 1 1
7 EGS Sichoto 1 1

(Data is from NUEPA, except those marked *).

Personally, I know two schools that made a difference. One of my younger sisters joined the first batch of Katha School at Shidi. The teaching was good and that provided a good foundation. Later she studied at Kohima and she could do well even there, though with some difficulty.

The other one “EGS Miphote”. Shidi people call it “Yaesina school” after the teacher. I hear many good testimonies about that school.


These two are the highest level of educational centres available for our people in Dawodi circle. Interesting to note that though Shidi is only a middle school (Upper Primary), its enrolment is much higher than the secondary school of Vijoynagar. Another thing to note: there is a huge difference between the number of teachers of these two schools.

NO School Students Teachers
1 Govt Middle School Gandhigram 337 4
2 Govt Secondary School Vijoyanagar 209 13

(Data from NUEPA).


  • Nibodi is a large village with about 50 families but it has only an angawadi centre. The reason – the government has not recognized the village yet (It is now a census village from 2011). The children of that village are deprived of basic education.
  • Shidi village has the highest enrollment of students. The secondary level education should be shifted to Shidi, rather than at Dawodi.
  • The private education and angawadi centres have provided good basic education, majority of educational institution provide poor education. In 1992, five boys and one girl appeared for entrance exam in Meghalaya. None could pass the test. So all had to study a class lower.


Katha Schools. 2009. (accessed 18 July 2012). Four Katha schools in Shidi, Ngwazakha, Hazolo and Shidiku returned 245 enrolments in 2009-10 between 3 – 6 years old.

Location of anganwadi centres in  changlang   district of Arunachal Pradesh. (accessed 18 July 2012). Published by Department of Social Welfare, Women and Child Development, Itanagar.

NUEPA. 2011. (accessed 18 July 2012).  School directory of Changlang district for the year 2010-11.

2 thoughts on “Education Centres In Yobin Villages

  1. One way we are blessed because education systems are improving in the remote places where Lisu people live. But a sad thing is this though NGO schools are running well (which are basically for nursery level education), the Govt. schools are not. The worst story I heard about a government school student was this: after passing five standard from Govt. Middle School Gandhigram he wrote an entrance exam in a private english medium school for six standard. When the examiners examined his paper, they had to ask him to start again from one standard instead of six! This may be one of the rarest cases as far as the quality of education is concerned, I guess!

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