Flood at Shidi

Photos and videos by Aphu Soni

The Lisu people of Shidi village witnessed an excessive flood from 25 to 27 June this year. This is recurring after about 20 years. The normal course of Noa-Dihing river (ꓣꓲ-ꓟ ꓒꓽ) could not contain the volume of water it received. It overflowed to a part of the Shidi village called Sichidi (ꓢꓲ-ꓚꓶ-ꓓꓰ) and the most of the paddy fields of our village. The affects of this flood:

  • About 15 families had to run for their lives because the water flowed under their houses.
  • The water carried away their chicken, pigs. Their gardens were destroyed.
  • About 5 paddy fields were completely destroyed. Their subsistence for next year is going to be difficult.

See the photos below.

Also the videos:

I see that many friends from outside India visit this site. For those who would to know where Shidi is located, here is the Google link.

For better perspectives, I have included a photo taken when the paddy fields were ready for harvest. The area within the red line were flood for three full days.

The current affected 90% of paddy fields. That means, the villagers will face food shortage next year. That will be a great problem because there is no that we can purchase easily due to non availability of roads.

Aerial view of Shidi village (Photo by Esla, October 2011).

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