Thanks for Removing Leeches from MV Road

Last updated: 30 June 2012

Villagers of Vijoynagar

A Lisu family traveling through MV Road

The first time I ever traveled through the MV Road from my village, Gandhigram, to Miao was in May 2000. At that time the road was same as it is today.

The only differences were – those days the road was almost closed due to the growth of various kinds of small and big plants on the road. Just a narrow way was there to walk through. A lot of leeches hanged on the leaves waiting to get food (suck blood) from the travelers. Leeches troubled people a lot in those days of travel. The situation continued till the time of reconstruction of the road in 2011.

However, after the reconstruction of the MV Road, I see less leeches climbing on the leaves. In some places, there are no leaves for leeches to stay. Thanks to those who worked hard to wipe out the leeches though the road remains with no big changes. I had nice walks of going home and coming back to Miao during my vacation in May and June 2012.  Sweats and tiresome when walking four days on one way was part of life. The time it takes to travel is the same as before the reconstruction of the road.

My observation is that MV Road was not reconstructed in 2011 but it was a clear-up work for show up and other purposes. It is not meant to become motorable. Still today people have to walk 4-5 days to reach Gandhigram (Shidi) from Miao. How long the people of Vijoynagar will be tortured by communication road problem? Is there any place in India where people walk 4-5 days to get their daily needs (salt, oil, sugar, milk and tea powders, etc.)?


4 thoughts on “Thanks for Removing Leeches from MV Road

  1. Guys … I am a lover of Arunachal.. and i have witnessed this heaven so closely.. i have so many Travel blogs on my visit rater say exploring of Arunachal.. Vijoynagar has been always on my mind.. and i am sure i cant keep this heavenly place wait long for me..
    While searching i got this awesome page… really hats off to the author thats you guys…
    Please let me know if i can be used in any minor things.. i can give my best..


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