Best articles from travelers to Vijoynagar area

Today I reviewed the various publications about Vijoynagar. And I was surprised to find many adventurous men and women have written much. I am grateful to all of them for taking pain to share our story. Following are some of the most interesting ones I came across.

  • PRISONERS OF GEOGRAPHY by Sushanta Talukdar (Frontline, Volume 26 – Issue 20: Sep. 26-Oct. 09, 2009) covers many stories. He tells about: road/flight problems, challenges of telephone services, medical problems, and host of others like hunting, shooting bows, carrying firewood.  Its sometimes amazing how outsiders can figure out things we don’t realize ourselves. And they find out information we haven’t tried or even sometimes uninterested! If you like to tell about our hometown, this is a good one.
  • TOO REMOTE FOR POLITICIANS TO GO: The same author has written another article (Published in Hindu, 12 April 2009). Similar content but focuses on the negligence by the politicians to those living in Vijoynagar.
  • THE FLYING VILLAGERS OF ARUNACHAL by Nitin A Gokhale (Tehelka). Information gathered seems to be only from Vijoynagar township. But he covered most of the essential areas. He tells testimonies of people such as AN-32 pilot, A. Ngwazah (Political Interpreter), Sarah Yobin (Shopkeeper), Lohit Sonowal (Postmaster), and OP Pandey (Physical education teacher at Vijoynagar school). Through this article I came to know there are 700 students in Vijoynagar school. As I browsed I came to know Nithin is a senior journalist who now works with NDTV New Delhi. It’s a privilege to have such people sharing our story and that too in Tehelka, a well-known investigative magazine of India.
  • VIJOYNAGAR ADVENTURES: Amish Shah recorded his trek through Yobin/Lisu villages from 6-16 December 2010. Very interesting how he documented several minute details I don’t realize occasionally. He has posted beautiful photos and even a video.
  • MIAO-VIJOYNAGAR ROAD by T.R. Shankar Raman (Published in Outlook Traveler, September 2009). This is similar to Amish Shah’s story, but there more amazing pictures added. I recognize some of the Lisu people from Gandhigram village.

3 thoughts on “Best articles from travelers to Vijoynagar area

  1. The Vijoynagar Travelers’ Articles express: Painful but adventurous; Delighted but without sound sleep; Countrymen but unknown; Freed but oppressed; Judicial Office but without judicial officer, etc.. Is there any way for relief?

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