Painful Story of Nibodi Village (52 Miles) of Yobin People -3


The following people occupied key positions during the days of the eviction. We list here as a reference for anyone who would like to further verify the information we share on this site. Most of them are no more; few are still living.

Late J.P. Jugli was MLA of Changlang and C.T. Mein was MLA of Chowkham. They visited Nibodi village (52 miles) in 1978, and wrote a letter to DC, Khonsa, to allow villager settle permanently there.

J.M. Syem was the DC of Khonsa. He was an IAS officer who served from 24 August 1978 to 6 May 1980.

Bhagat Borah was the Extra Assistant Commissioner at Miao. He was a CO of Vijoynagar earlier.

Late Yang Tikhak was the CO of Vijoynagar. Later on he went to serve the Commission. Newspapers reported his death on 3 June 2010 (AP Times and Assam Sentinel).

Late Luatsey/ꓡꓴꓽ-ꓮ-ꓞꓯꓽ (Father of Wayethi/ꓪ-ꓬꓯ-ꓕꓲꓽ) was the GB of Gandhigram village.

Simi/ꓢꓲ-ꓟꓲꓽ was the Anchal Samiti Member from Gandhigram, along with four GPM.

Late Pastor Titus/ꓕꓲ-ꓔꓳꓼ and Pastor Daliwu/ꓓ-ꓡꓲ-ꓪꓴ were the church leaders at Gandhigram village.

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