Painful Story of Nibodi Village (52 Miles) of Yobin People – 2


While our people settled in a carefree land at Nibodi, the present land of Namdapha (Namdapha was named only in 1983) was declared as Reserved Forest in 1970. Most probably, the government might not know we were there.

Further in 2nd October 1972, it was established as Wildlife Sanctuary. I doubt even by this time we were settled there. Because only after six years, the notification to evacuate was sent to our GB. My assessment is that their goal was just to vacate us at any cost and bundle everyone to Gandhigram.

The Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Khonsa issued a decree to the Circle Officer (CO) of Vijoynagar, Late Yang Tikhak, to evacuate Yobin people from Nibodi, vide letter no: For-Misc/76/68, dated 7 October 1978. (If anyone has this copy, please share with us).

On receiving the order, the CO ordered Late Loasey Lisu, Gaon Bora (GB) of Gandhigram and Simi Lisu, Anchal Samiti Member (ASM), to withdraw all people from Nibodi. And he gave one year for all the people to return to Gandhigram, by 12 November 1979.

During this time two MLAs, JP Jugli (of Changlang) and CT Mein (Chowkham) travelled on foot and visited Nibodi in December 1978. They saw the plight of people and wrote a letter to the DC Khonsa to allow the villagers to live there or find a relocation area, dated 9 December 1978.

There is one more communication from DC to Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC) of Miao about this eviction with letter no: 110/78/44, dated 13 March 1979. (If you find this copy, please share with us).

Unfortunately, the eviction was carried out on 22 February 1979. Strangely, the eviction was done nine months ahead of the deadline set by the CO. From house to food was put to flame and they carried away our family implements.

Without food, people were forced to return but settled near Gandhigram. It was again burnt and they went again to Badidee, which was burnt too.

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