Painful Story of Nibodi Village (52 Miles) of Yobin People – 4


The record of the letters by the MLAs said 60 families were living in Nibodi (they wrote as 52 Miles). My informants told some of the names:

  • Atseta/ꓮ-ꓞꓲ-ꓔ (Father of Phulisa/ꓒꓴ-ꓡꓲ-ꓢ). He is the current GB of Aguchi/ꓮꓸ-ꓖꓴꓽ-ꓚꓲꓸ village, near Nibodi.
  • Wahu/ꓪ-ꓧꓶꓽ (Father of Deeli/ꓓꓶ-ꓡꓲ) was former GB of Hazolo village. His wife, who belong to Adi tribe, was the only woman in Nibodi at the time of eviction who could speak Hindi.
  • Pastor Yeku/ꓬ-ꓗꓴ still continues to be a senior pastor of Gandhigram church.
  • Pholo/ꓒꓳ-ꓡꓳ (Father of Sayoha/ꓢ-ꓬꓳ-ꓦ/ꓓꓶ-ꓛꓬ-ꓡꓳꓽ) is at Aguchi/ꓮ-ꓖꓴꓽ-ꓚꓲꓸ for over a decade now.
  • Late Yota/ꓬꓴ-ꓔ (Father of Yaelidee/ꓬꓯ-ꓡꓲ-ꓓꓶ). Yaelidee is now living at Nibodi, reclaiming his father’s land. He was then the village leader.
  • Late Laphophi/ꓡ-ꓒꓶ-ꓒꓲ (Father of Liahwa/ꓡꓲꓼ-ꓮ-ꓧꓪꓼ).
  • Late Ahdo/ꓮ-ꓓꓳꓽ (Father of Yoyehey/ꓬꓳ-ꓬꓯ-ꓦꓬ). He lived most of the time at Shidilo/ꓫꓵ-ꓓꓰ-ꓡꓳ where he had a farm. His son still doesn’t have sufficient land. So Yoyehey now live in Yacheyley/ꓭ-ꓛꓬꓽ-ꓡꓯꓼ village.
  • Late Chizophi/ꓚꓲ.-ꓜꓳ-ꓒꓲ (Father of Tiala/ꓔꓲ-ꓮ-ꓡ).
  • Late Liati/ꓡꓲ-ꓮ-ꓔꓲ (Father of Tsiyesi/ꓞꓲ-ꓬꓯ-ꓢꓲ)
  • Late Khiwo/ꓘꓰ-ꓪꓳꓽ (Father of Manasi/ꓟ-ꓠ-ꓢꓲ): He died in Nibodi village in 2008. His two sons are there and also his aging wife, Lachi/ꓡ-ꓚꓰꓸ One of his sons, Naga/ꓠꓼ-ꓖꓼ died there before the eviction.
  • Late Chizoloti/ꓚꓲ-ꓜꓳ-ꓡꓳ-ꓔꓲꓽ (Father of Ngwadu/ꓥꓪ-ꓮ-ꓓꓶꓽ): later he lived in Hazolo.
  • Late Phuame/ꓒꓴ-ꓮ-ꓟꓯꓼ (Father of Aliye/ꓮ-ꓡꓲ-ꓬꓯꓼ) lived in Hazolo.
Only the first four are live today. And I see that many of the descendants of those who lived in Nibodi before 1979 are now settled in Nibodi.


  • List of articles from Lisu at 84 km (52 Miles) at the time of their eviction on 22 February 1979. (Letter No. Rev-110/78/61, Dated: 23 April 1979, Addressed to CO, By the DC, Khonsa, Tirap District).
  • Parvana. (Letter No: VNR/GRM|105, Date: 24 October 1978, Addressed to Loasey/ꓡꓴ-ꓮ-ꓞꓯ Lisu, GB of Gandhigram and Simi Lisu, ASM, By Yang Tikhak, CO of Vijoynagar.  Letter ordering GB and ASM to vacate people from Nibodi).
  • Lisu settlement in 52th Mile, MV Road (Vijoynagar). (Dated: 9 December 1978, Addressed to DC, Khonsa, By J.P. Jugli MLA of Changlang and C. T. Mien MLA of Chowkham).
  • Interview to eight people of “older generation”.
  • Maitra, Asim. 1993. Profile of a Little-Known Tribe: An Ethnographic Study of Lisus of Arunachal Pradesh. New Delhi: Mittal Publications. Page 13.

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  1. ꓟꓸ ꓒꓽ ꓠꓴ ꓡꓰꓽꓢꓯꓼ ꓕꓵꓼ- ꓟ ꓟꓬꓱ ꓔꓯ-ꓸ ꓥꓪ ꓮ ꓘꓶ ꓓꓳꓹ ꓟꓴ ꓔꓬ ꓥꓳ= ꓣꓳꓽ ꓫꓵ ꓐꓱ ꓶ ꓠꓲ ꓟ ꓡꓱ ꓡꓱ ꓢꓯꓼ ꓕꓵ ꓔꓬ ꓠꓬꓲ ꓪꓴ-ꓢ ꓶ ꓥꓳꓽ ꓓꓽ ꓟ ꓟꓶ ꓡꓰ ꓝꓲ=

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