An Article on Problems of Yobin by Sanat K. Chakraborty

Today I read a write up Sanat K. Chakraborty. He was the editor of editor of Grassroots Options, a comprehensive magazine on people, environment & development in India’s northeastand. He is also a friend of Yusihay. He visited Vijoynagar in 2001 or 2002.

He has documented some of our stories from older people. And had rightly identified our problem. What I like most is his explanation and defense about the words label against us such as foreigners, encroachers, poachers. 

Another good point he made was a quote from Phusa, President of Yobin Tribe Welfare Committee, “But we never killed animals for making money. Where is the market?”

For anyone interested, here is the link of the article “Tribal Travails” (03/03/2002)

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