Status of Scheduled Tribe of Yobin/Lisu

Last updated: July 20, 2012

I keep on wondering about the position of our demand for restoration of ST. So I tried to explore on this topic from different publications and from our YTWC President. Here is what I found.

2000: The state government forwarded its recommendation list for APST to the Government of India that included the Yobins (The Assam Sentinel, 6 August 2010).

18 Dec 2002: Late Wancha Rajkumar, then MP of East Arunachal Pradesh, raised in Lok Sabha session and included Yobin as a Scheduled Tribe, along with other 9 tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. The Yobin was included under No. 20. The other tribes were: Koro, Meyor, Monpa, Sajalong, Tangsa, Nocte, Wanchoo and Tutsa.

2006: The state government provided ethnographic information on Yobins to the Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs vide memo no. SC/ST (IN-EX) 99 dated November 20, 2006 (The Assam Sentinel, 6 August 2010).

The same year the Social Welfare Committee directed the Member of Parliament to forward Tagin and Yobin from the state government. Tagin is now included in the ST list and ours is still pending.

January 2008: Political representatives of Changlang district, Komlung Mossang and Setong Sena, submitted a memorandum in favour of granting ST status to Yobins to the Prime Minister during his visit at Itanagar.

16 December 2008: Shri Kiren Rijiju (MP of Arunachal West Constituency) wrote to the then Minister for Tribal Affairs , Mr. P. R. Kyndiah, to include Yobin and Galo in the list of Scheduled Tribes. The receipt of this letter was acknowledged on 19 December 2008. Mr Kyndiah promised he will look at the matter soon.

2010: Symposium was organized by Sokjar & Gamde Gamlin Foundation and The Assam Sentinel on 31 August 2010. The symposium favoured grant of ST to Yobin.

2010: A committee was constituted to assess the status of ST under the chairmanship of Garbom Gamlin, Minister of Power and Tourism (Zee News, 2 Sep 2010). Also late CM, Dorjee Khandu in an interview to Times Chennai affirmed that a committee was set up to address the Yobin issue (8 Sep 2010).

In summary, this is what I sense. First, one round of recommendation to the Central Government has been reached and the state government has some more follow up to do. But it is silent. Secondly, I truly believe there are people who strongly oppose our demand. Who are they and why are they doing so? Because our MLA is afraid to address our issue and similarly the late CM. One day we’ll find out.

So now I don’t believe people who tell me our ST lies with the Central Government. It is fully with the state government and they are playing political games with us.

4 thoughts on “Status of Scheduled Tribe of Yobin/Lisu

  1. As per my consciousness, yobin and lisu hav desrv ST in AP. I hv attnded a workshop in 2010 regrdin that issue, evrythng I heard on d day was very injustice to them.


  2. This tenure AAPSU team is going good in understanding the genuine requirement of the state immediate issues. Human being is the most important and valuable resources of the state. Those who can’t understand this will never understand the deepest meaning and the value of the state. I hope and pray that AAPSU leaders would solve this issue. Thanks a lot to Sir Lota Singhi, IPR, AAPSU for your recommendation on Yobin ST restoration issue.

  3. Dear Yobins,
    There are huge inadvertent errors in your blog.

    1. I wrote all the article. these were all published in my name or as reports from “Sentinel Arunachal”, which was owned and managed by me with “The Sentinel”.
    Therefore, delete the mentioned of Assam Sentinel. Just say “Sentinel Arunachal owned by Jarpum Gamlin”. or say article written by Jarpum Gamlin who owns “Eastern Sentinel” now ( .

    2. Therefore, to say or even include Shankar’s name is highly objectionable since he had nothing to do with Yobin or Symposium. I from my personal pocket paid each penny spent for the symposium. Please delete.

    3. I had done all those write-ups/ activities out of good-will for the Yobin people however I don’t want my name to be belittled in the manner in which it has been projected in this blog.

    4. Perhaps you’d note that in recent time and in mass media, none have written so much on Yobin as much as I did.


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