More Facts Related to Yobin/Lisu Community

1980s: Key leaders who were in position when our citizenship was removed: Gegong Apang, then Chief Minister, and Sanchom Ngemu, MLA.

1980s: I heard that one of the Yobin employees in Circle Office, Vijoynagar, was ordered to destroy all the documents related to us. He was threatened that he would forfeit his job if he had told this someone else. (I wonder who that Circle Office was at that time).

Sep 1980: The Government issued a circular not to give permanent jobs to Yobin and others (accessed 20 Oct. 10)

1994: Long waited demand of Indian citizenship was restored, vide notification No POL-57/79/ Vol. II dated January 18, 1994. (Phusa Yobin, quoted in Sentinel, 6 August 2010). A few months later a friend applied for ST certificate to DC Changlang. The officials had to clarify because the notification was silent about it.

November 20, 2006: The state government provided ethnographic information on Yobins to the Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs vide memo no. SC/ST (IN-EX) 99. (Phusa Yobin, Sentinel, 6 August 2010).

January 2008: Kamlung Mossang and Setong Sena submitted a memorandum to the PM visiting Itanagar. (Sentinel, 6 August 2010).

December 2009: Dr. S. B. Deepak Kumar, then DC of Changlang walked through the M-V Road and strongly recommended its construction.

Sep 1, 2010: The Assam Sentinel and the Sokjar & Gamde Gamlin Foundation sponsored a symposium for Yobin entitled, “Yobin – A marginalized tribe in search of Arunachalee identity”. Finance Minister Setong Sena, CC Singpho, and Kamlung Mossang (MLA) positively endorsed the need to restore ST to us. AAPSU leaders deferred saying further discussions were necessary. Liakhu and Phusa Yobin represented the YTWC at the Symposium, among others.

2010: Our politicians politicized our ST issue again. This time they combined our demand for ST with other non-tribal groups living in Arunachal Pradesh. In the name of giving Permanent Residential Certificate (PRC), they messed with us again.

September 2010: Dorjee Khandu, late CM, was asked what his government will do for Yobin. He said a committee was constituted (interview by Chennai times, 8 Sept 2010).

January 2011: Goodnews that Miao-VNR will be opened in January (announced by PWD Executive Engineer, Jairampur Division). I went home in October 2011 and returned from there in January 2012. I had to walk four days each way, as usually. The only difference was those construction fellows added more mud!

Our demands are still far away. But hope does not disappoint us.

2 thoughts on “More Facts Related to Yobin/Lisu Community

  1. Thanks for the information Sir. I hope this might be serving greatly in the mind of many. As we believe on the word “Education is the power to free us from all unnecessary burdens”, it is crucial importance to educate our youth of how we had been handled what things we have to evade from.

    Thanks a lot and thanks to every individual for your contributions. You are very important part of our society.

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