Namdapha Tiger Reserve Under Threat: a news review

Arunachal Times (16 March 2012, authored by Tongam Rina) published a series of allegations against the Yobins by the Namdapha authorities. They were:

  • Four gun fire at a team of Protection Force of the Tiger Reserve and members of the Aaranyak (Guwahati based NGO) at Kodboi area on 28 February.
  • Assault on camera trapping team of Aaranyak and destruction of their tents on 2 March at Farm Base.
  • A gun shot at the Principal Chief Conservator of Forest and his officials at Bulbulia on 12 March.
  • Illegal construction of bamboo bridges across Noa Dihing River.
  • Between the lines I read Yobin are accused of killing tigers.

The Field Director of Namdapha Tiger Project called a meeting for a solution at Deban. Administration, Forest Officials, Police and Public leaders were present. Together, the above incidents were condemned. Namdapha authorities rightly said “such illegal activities will not be tolerated anymore”. Our leaders, Mr Phusa and Mr Liakhu defended our case well.

Subsequent to this publishing, three of us have responded.

  •     Atibosa: Law demands facts to settle any issue (21 March).
  •     Avia: Let everyone value a human life over million lions (20 March).
  •     Liahey: Respect the ethnic tribe (24 March).

As of 30 March, there are no further allegations by the Namdapha authorities. On 2 April, the same author reported and by Assam Sentinel that the Aaranyak trapped a tiger in their camera, along with other 34 species.

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