The Lisu Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh: A Special Case Study

This four part video documentation on our people is the first of its kind. It has an intensive coverage on our traditional practices. Except I wish the video quality was a better resolution. The rest are just fantastic. The case study covered four important topics.

• Transportation and occupation
• Traditional way of medication
• Art and handicraft
• Traditional textile technology, especially ZI-YEH

Amazing details has been covered through this research. Very important traditional practices and knowledge were captured which only a few older people knew about them. Watching this piece of video could awaken the richness as a tribe carry with us.

Details about this documentation:

• Researched and documented by Casanlyrisa Jana in collaboration with Ati Siliya Yobin
• Sponsored by National Folklore Support Centre, Chennai
• Year: 2009

For copies of this video, you could contact National Folklore Support Centre or just call Sister Angiyo. Sometimes check on Youtube service ( Last year those videos were uploaded there and I downloaded.

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