Books on Yobin/Lisu of India

There are few books written about Yobin people. Below are the bibliographies with some notes.

1. Profile of a Little-Known Tribe: An Ethnographic Study of Lisus of Arunachal Pradesh
Profile of a little known tribe

Interestingly, the parents of uncle Jebaye are featured in the coverpage. The book has an exhaustive description about our people. Starting with language, then dance wakhi, religion, it ends with a discussion on development problems we face.

For those who want to gain a good outsider’s perspective on our society, this is a good book. Very often we don’t know our own values and struggles until someone points them to us. A preview of this book is available on Goggle Books.

Author: Asim Maitra, Year of Publishing: 1993, Publisher: Mittal Publications, Delhi. Download e-copy.

2. A Guide to Lisu Language
Lisu language guideAnother book by Asim Maitra, this small book is a systematic compilation of our language. He has described verbs, adjectives; most of those you read in English grammar class. Occasionally, it is fun to find some archaic words that we don’t remember them anymore. Again, you can read snippets of the book in Goggle Book.

A gold medalist from Ranchi University, he worked in various capacities with the Anthropological Survey of India since 1965. At the time of researching this book, he was posted in Shillong as Assistant Anthropologist.

Author: Asim Maitra, Year of Publishing: 1988, Publisher: Mittal Publications, Delhi.

3. English – Lisu Dictionary: Grammar & Phrases Includes

The first ever published dictionary in our language. It contains about 5,000 words. The word entry is in English, followed by word description in Lisu language, using Fraser’s script. In addition, short explanation of English grammar and phrases are given at the end.

This has been a useful tool for many students as a good reference and also for those who wants to learn English vocabulary.

The ‘Companion’ volume: Lisu-English Dictionary is in the making. This will be even more useful for Lisu Language users to learn English. The author has this phrase in heart as he works on the dictionaries: to will and to act comes from above.

Author: Avia Ngwazah, Year of Publishing: 2007, Publisher: Personal

5 thoughts on “Books on Yobin/Lisu of India

  1. Thanks for developing this important web blog. A great step towards realizing our Lisu /Yobin dreams. This surely is the right platform where readers are assured to get the correct information about the aboriginal tribe (Lisu/Yobin) of Vijoynagar valley and other important facts related to the tribe and their land.

  2. While appreciating Sir Liahey for initiating this useful tool(blog), I would like to share my opinion that displaying the historical facts of Lisu as how Liahey Sir did helps a lot. I don’t thing that common people don’t deserve knowing our history and evidences as some might have thought. I am of the opinion that it is crucial importance for all the Lisu people to know our journey of suffering. Let the youth know when what happened to us. Youth must be made aware about how badly we survived bleeding for this 30 long years in the wilderness almost like Israelites.

    Dear fellow sufferers, don’t worry, our appeal to the government is not destructive one but it is just a prayer to help us in promoting unity, integrity, equality and the features provided in the constitution of the country being a democratic country. Government has no option apart from helping us. If the constitution of India is still valid, surely we deserve our right as once entitled APST. If we deserve it, we have the lawful right to claim it. Respecting and valuing our right is also a kind of fundamental duty that every Indian citizen must fulfill.

    Just bear the pain till dawn.
    Looking forward to hearing from you all too.

    • Hi Aphu, sometime ago I read that communist government do not allow free flow of info into their country. Such freedom will challenge their rule. They knew well there is great power in info. Sharing then is more dangerous for such people. For our cause, let us share and empower all our people who have access to Internet at least.

  3. Sometime ago I read that communist government do not allow free flow of info into their country. Such freedom will challenge their rule. There is great power in info. Let us share as much as we can.

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